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The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County is the non-profit designated by Montgomery County government to disburse County grant funds for arts and humanities. See our grant categories below and visit us on the web at

Grants to Small Arts and Humanities Organizations and Groups are available to arts and humanities organizations or groups that may or may not be incorporated and with annual cash operating expenses of under $25,000 for their most recently completed fiscal year. These grants support arts and humanities organizations and groups that work in a wide array of arts and humanities disciplines. The organization or group’s principal offices must have been in Montgomery County for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the application deadline.

Grants to Individual Artists and Scholars are available to individuals or collaborations of individual artists and scholars who have resided in Montgomery County for at least 12 months prior to the application deadline. These grants support artists and scholars who work in a wide array of arts and humanities disciplines, including visual arts, theater, music, dance, media arts, festivals, traditional arts, the history and/or theory of works of art, creative writing, history, languages, linguistics, storytelling, philosophy and ethics. An applicant may request and may be awarded from $1,000 to $5,000.

The Artists and Scholars Roster for Community Programs is a listing that is displayed on AHCMC’s website. For this Roster, AHCMC seeks artists and scholars of all disciplines who are professionals and who have experience presenting programs in the community in a variety of arts and humanities disciplines. The main purpose of the Roster is to provide the public with access to a list of pre-screened, high-quality artists and scholars who are available to present programs and workshops for any organization that wishes to arrange for an artist or scholar to present at its facility. In addition, acceptance on the Roster qualifies the artist/scholar for Artists and Scholars in the Community Grants.

Artists and Scholars in the Community Grants support a variety of arts and humanities programs that bring high quality artists and scholars to community-based audiences in the county. It is further intended that these grants will bring the arts and/or humanities to underserved populations that have fewer opportunities to participate in programs available to the general community. These grants are available for programs arranged by a community or service organization whose primary mission is not related to an arts or humanities discipline. The artist or scholar selected for the program must be listed on the Arts and Humanities Council’s Artists and Scholars Roster for Community Programs or on another eligible Roster as further described in the guidelines. An organization may not request programs totaling more than $1,500 in one fiscal year, but may submit more than one application if it will be presenting different artists/scholars during the fiscal year.

The Teaching Artists Roster is a list of professional artists trained in arts integration, school culture, theories of learning, and the MD Voluntary State Curriculum. Roster artists are committed to arts education as an integral part of their professional practice. Artists on the Roster are available for residencies and teacher development workshops. Use the Teaching Artist Roster when submitting a School-Based or Community Grant to AHCMC.

For further information, upcoming deadlines, and eligibility information about any of the following grants,  click here to learn about  grant guidelines or contact the grants staff.