European-born immigrants to Montgomery County are culturally diverse and include people from the Balkan states, Russia, British Isles, Greece and many other countries. The music, dance, storytelling, and visual arts of the County’s European immigrants are a robust addition to the County’s rich cultural offerings. Watch for future Artist Stories in this section.

CB Heinemann3

C.B. Heinemann: Celtic Craze Part 2

C.B. Heinemann talks about he and other local musicians developed Irish music sessions throughout Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County. Listen to his story.

CB Heinemann and cbcharlie

C.B. Heinemann: Celtic Craze Part 1

C.B. Heinemann explains how he delved into traditional Irish music and started playing the Irish string instrument – the bouzouki. Listen to part one of his story.


The Balkanics: Loud & Proud

Defining Balkan music is a rather tricky endeavor; even more daunting is incorporating the folk music from the Balkan region and putting a contemporary stamp onto it. Listen as Tzvety Weiner and Bryndyn Weiner explains how the Balkanics pulls it off.


The Balkanics: Meet Tzvety Weiner

While growing up listening to Bulgarian folk music in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a career in music for Tzvety Weiner was set at an early age. Beginning at age 5, she studied piano and music theory rigorously. Hear her story.


The Balkanics: Meet Bryndyn Weiner

Bryndyn Weiner grew up mostly in Silver Spring, Md., watching his military father become immersed in Bulgarian culture. From there, he began attending many of the Bulgarian folk social dances with his father. Those seeds blossomed into Bryndyn becoming a remarkable drummer and co-founder of the Balkanics. Hear his story.


The Balkanics Podcast

Listen to the entire interview with the Balkanics, conducted by folklorist Jason Morris.


The Balkanics: Meet Varol Saatcioglu

Varol Saatcioglu grew up in Edirne, Turkey, surrounded by Turkish folk music. When he was 5, he attended the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory, studying piano and music theory. Later after he immigrated to the U.S., he got involved with Bulgarian folk music. Hear his story.