Latin America

Montgomery County is home to over 135,000 Latino residents, which is over 14 percent of the County’s population. Salvadorans make up the largest proportion of Latinos, followed close by immigrants from Honduras and Guatemala. South American countries are represented as well.  Music, dance, crafts and foodways are prime features of the Latino community and are central to many local festivals, parades and gatherings. Watch for future Artist Stories in this section.

Lilo Gonzalez

Lilo Gonzalez: Salvadoran Fight Song! Part 2

After a harrowing journey that began in El Salvador, guitarist/singer/songwriter Lilo Gonzalez tells how he became an award-winning musician. Listen to part two of this incredible story. [Note: In Spanish]


Lilo Gonzalez: Salvadoran Fight Song! Part 1

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Lilo Gonzalez recalls how he escaped a war-torn El Salvador with his family and moved to Montgomery County. Listen to part one of this powerful story. [Note: In Spanish] 


Coral Cantigas: Connecting the Dots, Part 1

Diana Sáez, founder and artistic director of the Montgomery County-based Coral Cantigas, recalls how she fell in love with choral music while attending her grandfather’s church in Puerto Rico.


Coral Cantigas: Connecting the Dots, Part 2

Diana Sáez explains how and why she formed Coral Cantigas when she arrived to Montgomery County. Learn how she attracts her singers, develops the repertoire.


Coral Cantigas Podcast

Listen to the entire interview with Diana Sáez, conducted by noted music journalist John Murph.