North America

A land of immigrants, the folk and traditional arts of North America take inspiration from countries all over the world. Bluegrass, Blues, Hip Hop, and African-American Story Quilts can trace their ancestry back to other times and places, yet they are firm rooted in coastal lands, the rolling hills, the flat plains and mountainous regions of North America. Watch for future Artist Stories in this section.

Jay Summerour11

Jay Summerour: Harmonica Honker

Jay Summerour is one of Montgomery County’s greatest harmonica players. With his longtime partnership with guitarist/singer Warner Williams, Summerour extends the Piedmont Blues legacy. Hear his story.

Warner Williams2

Warner Williams: Piedmont Blues Legend

Legendary blues guitarist/singer Warner Williams and noted ethnomusicologist Mark Puryear give a quick rundown of the mighty Piedmont Blues. Listen to their story.


Bob Perilla: Bluegrass Breakdown

Did you know that Montgomery County and the surrounding area was and continues to be a hotbed for bluegrass music? Listen as guitarist and bandleader Bob Perilla explains how bluegrass music became so popular in Montgomery County.


Bob Perilla: Bluegrass’ Homegrown Hero, Part 1

When it comes to telling the history of bluegrass music in Montgomery County, guitarist/singer/bandleader is Bob Perilla is nearly peerless in his authority and candor. Hear his story as he talks about how he got hooked on bluegrass music.


Bob Perilla: Bluegrass’ Homegrown Hero, Part 2

After discovering that bluegrass music was his true calling, Bob Perilla continued to stake his claim on the genre by forming the hugely popular Big Bluegrass Band. Hear the story of how it came together.


Bob Perilla Podcast

Listen to the entire interview with Bob Perilla, conducted by noted ethnomusicologist Mark Puryear.